Searching for Trust: 4 Reasons Brands Need to Deliver Official Answers Online -

Searching for Trust: 4 Reasons Brands Need to Deliver Official Answers Online

Tuesday, 20th October at 3pm BST

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Today, information is everywhere, and it can be accessed in an instant. As consumers we expect to get accurate, immediate responses to our questions anywhere we ask them – especially from the brands we interact with. In fact, this information exchange underpins customer relationships. Even the simplest search can build – or erode – consumer trust.

While 70% of consumers agree that being offered accurate answers evokes trust – and 56% say they are more likely to buy from brands they trust – only 40% of consumers trust brands in general; highlighting the critical need for businesses to step up. 

Drawing on findings from new consumer research, join this webinar to learn:

  • How shortfalls in search are letting customers down – and costing businesses big 
  • Why brands have never been in a better position to take control of their answers online
John Watton
VP, EMEA Marketing, Yext