Get Started With the Yext Spring ’20 Release -

Get Started With the Yext Spring ’20 Release

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As always, we’ve packed a tonne of enhancements into our latest release to help you deliver an amazing experience wherever your customers search.

Join this webinar to see these new features in action:

New Suggestions Experience
View, filter and act on suggestions to improve the data in your Knowledge Graph, no matter where they come from.  

Vertical Intents for Yext Answers
Tweak the order of results inside your site search experience — and boost or bury sections, depending on what your customers are looking for. 

Custom Page Markup
Apply markup to Yext Pages that you create for any entity, so you can power richer search results.

Conversion Tracking Updates & Leaderboards
Tie your conversions back to their original source, whether they occurred on your website, your listings or another platform. And compare your key entities to identify which areas need more attention — like SEO, or additional paid ad spend.

Sam Davis
Senior Sales Engineer
Alicia Phuah
Enterprise Client Success Manager