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Future of Search Masterclass

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The marketing world is changing quickly and search strategies need to adapt to the new paradigm. In this webinar, we will discuss the changing search landscape, the broken customer journey, and how successful brands are at adapting their search strategies.

Whilst the pandemic has shaken up the world of marketing, for search marketers, a paradigm shift was already well underway – one which has the power to transform the web as we know it.

In this Masterclass, Ric Rodriguez, SEO Consultant & Adam Long, RVP, at Yext, will dive deep into the changing search landscape, the broken customer journey and, in conversation with Elton Grey at Creams, discuss how major brands are adapting their strategy to succeed both now – and in the future.

Whether you’re new to search marketing – or a veteran, looking to expand your knowledge – this is not a session to miss!