Foundations of Search: Building Trust on your Website -

Foundations of Search: Building Trust on your Website

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Only 65% of consumers trust search engines. Maintaining trust in your brand is challenging and being able to provide up-to-date and complete answers to all your customer questions is key.

With call centres either overwhelmed or not yet back to full capacity, your customers are turning to your website for the answers they need.

Are you sure your website is answering your customers questions correctly? Are you missing out on revenue opportunities? Do you know the questions your customers are actually asking? And can you deliver the right answer, at the right time, whatever the device?

Find out how answering customers questions on your website builds customer confidence while increasing your conversion rate and reducing support costs.

Watch this webinar to discover:

  • How search impacts customer trust, satisfaction, loyalty, average order value and revenue
  • How to improve search on your own website
  • A zero-cost way to quickly assess your website and implement rapid changes