Who’s changed… and who’s stayed the same?

See what happens when technology from the class of 1999 reunite after more than 20 years.


Meet the Tech Class of '99

Learn more about what they were like back then – and what they are up to today.


Back in 1999, everyone wanted to hang with her because she was a real trendsetter: her antenna, boxy style, and monochromatic colour palette made her the most popular kid in school. She wasn’t the favourite among teachers, though – she was always singing obnoxious tunes in class (or as she called them, “tones”). Today? Her features are sleek, antenna is packed away, and love for vivid colours is on full display. And who knew she was so smart? These days she’s like a walking computer!


A self-professed geek, he had everyone’s back in 1999. From floppies to zips, his classmates turned to him to catch a ride from one hard drive to the next (though he was sick a lot, and always seemed to pass along some weird virus). But then he sort of fell off the radar after high school — turns out he was having his eat-pray-love moment up in the cloud. It was there where found his IT chi, which helped him clear his mind so that he could hold more information than ever before (terabytes, to be exact).


One of the school’s top athletes, he was lightning fast (well, for 1999 standards). And talk about popular – he seemed to know everyone in the whole wide world. As a result, getting in touch with him could be a challenge – there was always a busy signal. But when you finally got through, you could get the scoop in one of his many chat rooms. These days, he’s bigger, stronger, and faster — especially now that he’s gotten into fibre optics.

Keyword Search

In high school, he was often the first to raise his hand in class. You assumed he had the answer to every question, but he would sort of just repeat the words that the teacher said (or as he called them, “keywords”). In fact, at times it was like he didn’t really understand the question. And while everyone turned in research papers with footnotes, he just handed over a few pages with a list of hyperlinks. Fast forward over 20 years and he’s exactly the same: dishing out links and occasionally struggling with basic human language. Yet, he’s wildly successful – millions of businesses keep hiring him. Not bad for someone who thinks A.I. is the biggest hoax since Y2K.

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