Yext Helps Palladium Hotel Group Create an Outstanding Customer Experience With Site Search

Yext, Inc. (NYSE: YEXT), the Search Experience Cloud company has announced its collaboration with Palladium Hotel Group. Yext is successfully helping the Iberian hotel group power answers directly on its website through the Yext Answers solution.

Palladium Hotel Group is a Spanish hotel company present in 6 countries, through 10 international brands, with the goal of giving each one of its customers a personalised experience. Palladium Hotel Group chose Yext to centrally update and maintain its information, and started using Yext Answers to power the site search on its Covid-19 specific landing page in April 2020 — so it could reliably answer the many questions customers were asking about health guidance, cancellations policies, and more. To date, Palladium Hotel Group has seen over 9,000 searches on its Yext Answers
experience, and more than 2,300 clicks.

“In the tourism industry, the customer journey is very complex because it is fragmented in different stages. It is longer because it starts when someone thinks about the holidays: dreaming, planning, booking and experiencing! Tourists have a lot of questions, and as a hotel group our goal is to facilitate the customer experience and answer as efficiently as possible” said Marta Clemente, SEO Manager, Palladium Hotel Group.

“When we met with Yext last year, we were looking for a centralised solution that would allow us to store all our information in one place and simplify the management of our Google My Business pages. However it quickly became a wider project on Search. In these unprecedented times, we needed a solution that allowed us to answer consumer questions as accurately as possible, and ideally to convert them” Clemente

“Thanks to Yext Answers, which was integrated into our Covid-19 landing page, we have been able to understand and answer questions in real time. This allows us to constantly adjust our answers and thus the customer experience.”

“The pandemic has profoundly changed tourism and the hotel industry” explains Franck Negro, Managing Director, Southern Europe, Yext.

“By using Yext Answers, Palladium Group has been able to quickly adapt to a unique situation and continue to ensure a quality follow-up with its customers in a remarkable way.”

Thanks to this successful first collaboration, Palladium Hotel Group decided to implement Yext Answers on its English and Spanish homepage.

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