Yext Becomes First Federated AI Search Provider in Freshworks Marketplace

Yext, Inc. (NYSE: YEXT), the AI Search Company, today announced new integrations with Freshdesk, a cloud-based customer service software by Freshworks, Inc. (NASDAQ: FRSH), to equip businesses with Yext’s powerful AI search experiences across customer support channels.

The Freshworks Marketplace hosts apps built by the Freshworks developer community. These apps make use of Freshworks products and solutions that serve joint customers by helping them create delightful experiences. Yext’s contribution to the Marketplace not only incorporates Support Answers, its advanced AI-powered search solution for customer support, but also introduces federated search architecture to Freshdesk customers for the first time, enabling them to power search experiences with results from multiple data sources.

● Help Site Search: Businesses can empower customers to resolve issues on their own — and thus, reduce ticket submissions — by making information available in Yext’s AI-powered search experience for Freshdesk help sites. Now, when a customer asks a complex support question in the search bar, Yext’s platform will understand the intent behind it and deliver answers from multiple sources, thanks to modern features like advanced natural language processing (NLP) algorithms and a federated search architecture.

● Agent Desktop Search: When a support agent has a question related to an incoming ticket, they’ll now be able to tap into an AI search experience — one that has the answers they need — embedded in their workspace. By having immediate access to relevant information, they’ll be able to self-serve and resolve tickets more efficiently.

● Ticket Deflection: With the new integrations, businesses can also deflect tickets proactively, starting with the Freshdesk ticket form. Yext’s AI search will process the information that a customer is typing in about their issue and suggest an answer to resolve it in real time — without ever having to involve a support agent.

“Yext’s innovations in AI search and foray into the customer service space have opened up a world of possibilities for support teams struggling to keep up with a never-ending stream of tickets,” said [Freshworks spokesperson]. “With the welcome introduction of these innovations to our marketplace, we’re not just equipping our mutual clients a powerful search technology, we’re making it easier for them to shift from being reactive to proactive and success-orientated.”

“Having easy, direct access to information is at the heart of making customer support more efficient and delightful,” said Joe Jorczak, Head of Industry for Service and Support at Yext. “We’re proud to collaborate with Freshworks to put the most advanced search technology at our joint clients’ fingertips, enabling them to deliver accurate information to customers and support agents the moment they ask for it — and paving the way to fewer tickets and higher satisfaction.”

Alongside the launch of their new integrations, Yext and Freshworks will also be hosting a digital event, “[title + link]” on [date]. [Freshworks speaker + title] and Joe Jorczak, Head of Industry for Service and Support at Yext, will discuss [topic].

Read more about Yext’s Freshdesk integrations here.

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About Yext

Yext (NYSE: YEXT) is the AI Search Company and is on a mission to transform the enterprise with AI search.

With the explosion of information and data online, search has never been more important. However, while the world of consumer search has innovated over time, enterprise search has not. In fact, the majority of enterprise search is powered by outdated keyword search technology that only scans for keywords and delivers a list of hyperlinks rather than actually answering questions.

Yext, the AI Search Company, offers a modern, AI-powered Answers Platform that understands natural language so that when people ask questions about a business online they get direct answers – not links.

Brands like Verizon, Vanguard, Subway and Marriott — as well as organisations like the U.S. State Department and World Health Organisation — trust Yext to radically improve their business with answers-led AI search.

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