Cherry Creek Mortgage to Deliver Revolutionary Natural Language-Based Site Search Experience with Yext Answers

Yext, Inc. (NYSE: YEXT), the Search Experience Cloud company, today announced its continued work with Cherry Creek Mortgage Company (CCMC) to enhance the company’s website with Yext Answers. Following CCMC’s success across third-party platforms with Yext Listings and Reviews, the company decided to implement Yext’s revolutionary new site search product to improve customers’ experience on its own site.

The advanced natural language processing behind Yext Answers will equip CCMC’s website with a modern search solution capable of understanding complex customer questions about the company’s over 325 mortgage loan officers, over 200 loan programmes and more. Answers will return dynamic, official answers to each search query, including featured snippets answering common loan programme questions and custom calls-to-action such as getting directions to a branch or scheduling an appointment with a loan officer.

“We are excited about our expanded relationship with Cherry Creek Mortgage, which now includes our revolutionary new product, Yext Answers," said Jim Steele, President and Chief Revenue Officer of Yext. "Cherry Creek will now be able to deliver a modern natural language-based search experience accessing facts in their knowledge graph. This important next step in their digital transformation journey will drive their industry leadership in a very competitive mortgage market.”

“Answers is intelligent enough to tell us exactly what customers are asking for and to offer the answer directly in search results,” said David Arnett, VP of Marketing and Communications at Cherry Creek Mortgage. “We can only serve our customers best if we know what they want. Implementing Answers will eliminate the guesswork so we can fully understand our customers’ intentions. This approach will enable us to deliver the best possible home financing experience and will also position us as an industry leader.”

CCMC originally chose Yext to update its brand information across third-party search experiences and saw incredible results. Within 29 months, the mortgage company drove more than 25,600 clicks to its loan officer listings, experienced a year-over-year growth rate of 246%, and boosted both its review volume and star-rating. With Answers, CCMC will provide the same class of search experience and provide accurate brand information to customers directly on its own website.

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