The customer journey starts with a question.
Deliver official answers, straight from the source — you.

Consumer search behaviour is changing rapidly. Take back control of your facts online with the Yext Search Experience Cloud and deliver official answers wherever your customers are searching.

Trusted by leading companies around the world, including:

Steward Health Care
Ben & Jerry's

The Yext Search Experience Cloud

  • Create your business’s Knowledge Graph

    Which doctors are accepting new patients? What events are your local stores hosting? What seasonal menu items are available in each region? To answer complex questions like these, you need to manage all the facts about your business and how they relate to each other. That’s where the Yext Knowledge Graph comes in.

  • Answer questions on your website

    Bring the conversational experience of leading search engines to your website, apps and more. With Yext Answers, your customers can find exactly what they’re looking for — and you can learn more about what they want, increase conversion and reduce support costs.

  • Capture high-intent customer traffic

    Drive more high-intent visitors to your website with landing pages for your stores, events, advisers, doctors, restaurants, FAQs and more — optimised to power rich search results, answer your customers’ questions and drive them to conversion.

  • Publish brand-verified answers everywhere

    Connect your business’s Knowledge Graph with more than 150 third-party platforms, including Google, Amazon Alexa, Apple Maps, Facebook and many more.

  • Manage, measure, and improve your reputation

    Monitor and respond to customer reviews across the digital ecosystem to help improve operations and win more business.

  • Widen your lens and deepen your insights

    See where and how consumers interact with your brand, on and off your website. Yext gives you a holistic view of total brand impressions, clicks and conversions — so you can see what your customers are looking for, how you compare to competitors and more.

  • Extend the power of your Knowledge Graph

    Connect Yext seamlessly with other systems you use at your business every day — like Tableau, Domo, HubSpot, Zendesk and many more.

Why Yext?
Boost Digital Performance Capture, convert and retain more customers by providing direct answers and clear calls-to-action wherever they search.
Improve Operational Efficiency Save time and money by reducing data discrepancies, manual work and support costs across your teams and internal systems.
Enhance Consumer Experience Foster loyalty and build trust by giving people the right answers about your business or organisation and acting on their feedback.

Solutions for every industry.

Don’t take our word for it.

“Our results went through the roof.”
“Our results went through the roof.”
Grace Edinger, Director, Digital Product Management
99% YOY increase in clicks to website
“With Yext, we feel like we do have a true partner.”
“With Yext, we feel like we do have a true partner.”
14.45X ROI from 
online orders

Let’s Get Started

See firsthand how the Yext Search Experience Cloud can help you become answers-ready and fight missing and bad information about your brand.

What you’ll learn with a live demo:


  • Bring the conversational experience of leading search engines to your website, apps and more.
  • Publish verified answers and drive high-intent traffic to your website from third-party search engines, voice assistants, maps and apps.
  • Control all the facts about your business online from one platform, saving time and resources while delivering an exceptional customer experience.
  • Improve your business’s reputation online so that consumers become customers.

Today’s customer journey starts with a question. If you don’t answer it, someone else will. Are you answers-ready?

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