Yext Reviews

Stay informed and improve customer relationships.

Stay informed with Review Monitoring.

Google. Facebook. Yelp. There’s no shortage of places where consumers can leave you feedback, and with multiple locations listed across hundreds of sites, simply staying on top of it all can seem insurmountable. Review Monitoring leverages Yext’s direct integrations with sites across the Knowledge Network to pull all your reviews, from every location, into a single dashboard so you can stay informed at scale.

No-guesswork notifications.

Review Notifications alert you the moment Yext detects a new review. Schedule updates to come in as you get reviews, or on a cadence that works with your schedule.

Engage with customers on their terms — intelligently.

An effective review response strategy enables you to engage productively with your customers. It provides you with additional insights, and improves the experience your customers have with your brand. Yext’s Intelligent Review Response makes addressing negative feedback, and acknowledging happy customers, easier than ever.

Intelligent Review Response takes Yext’s best practices for building an effective response, and rolls them into an easy-to-use feature. Harnessing the power of Sentiment Analysis, Intelligent Review Response helps users quickly determine the important keywords in each review, then uses those keywords, and underlying sentiment, as the dynamic building blocks for a personalized, on-brand response — every time.

Collaborate and maintain brand control.

Brand control is critical when you empower franchisees, agents, advisors, or other local managers to respond to customer reviews. Yext’s flexible workflows support the processes and controls of your business so you can give users as much or as little access to respond to customers as you’d like.