Yext Pages: Why Yext?

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We’re passionate about helping your business deliver accurate information to your customers — when and where they need it — and to create rich relevant content that helps you convert high-intent consumers.

Custom Pages

While it’s easy to build your own pages with Yext, you also have the option of leveraging our Professional Services team to create custom pages optimised for views, clicks and conversions.

Yext teams will strictly follow style guidelines to fit your brand and with our flexible design. You choose the best content, layout and calls-to-action to display on your Pages.

Full Stack Team

When you hire Yext, you get a full team of specialists. Each Pages Professional Services engagement will include an engineer, a visual designer, an SEO specialist and a project manager.

Vertical Expertise

Partnering with Yext means you benefit from our experts’ knowledge — and the best practices we’ve learned from working with some of the top brands in the world, across industries. Learn how to optimise your pages, so you can create the best experience for your customers, clients or patients according to their needs.

Ongoing Support

Whether you are looking to make a content change to your website, or looking to stay ahead of the curve with search engine updates, the Yext team is here to help.

Google updates its search algorithms nearly every day. With Yext, you get access to a world-class team of over 20 search experts, each working hard to proactively keep you ahead of the curve. With our expertise, you can stay focused on your business, while your site and app deliver more customers to your door.

See how your business can deliver verified answers to searching consumers, helping drive discovery and revenue.

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