Local SEO

Take control of your local SEO.

Every search is a local search. Using the Yext Knowledge Engine to manage your local listings, your locations and people will perform better in search results and your customers will find the information they need. Read on to learn how we help local businesses improve their local SEO.

Find your centre.

Save time and make sure your information is correct across channels by centralising your data. Yext enables you to power your internal systems, website and mobile app, along with our entire Knowledge Network, all from a single central source. Search engines will trust your site and consumers will find you more easily.

Be consistent.

One of the keys to local SEO is making sure your data is consistent everywhere. Our custom-built local landing pages and integration-based partnerships with Google, Apple, Facebook and over 100 other third-party apps, maps and directories mean you can be sure your information is the same — everywhere.

Power rich experiences.

Intelligent services are answering questions about your brand every day by providing reviews, locations, people and events as structured data in search engines or as voice responses. SEO is no longer about just showing up first in a list of results, but providing the right information to consumers through rich experiences. If the data on your web pages is accurate, consistent and optimised, these intelligent services consider your website to be an authoritative source and they will use your data to power these rich experiences.

Be clear. Be crawlable.

You need your information to be easy to read — both for customers and for intelligent systems. Yext Directories, Locators and Local Pages are built according to industry standards and best practices. We tag every field, from categories to hours to events, making sure search engines understand all your information, so it shows up in search and powers the rich experiences provided by intelligent services.

What our customers are saying.

‘Coming from an SEO agency background, I have found that the Yext team really knows their stuff, from high-level industry developments to the tiniest details of a search engine algorithm update. A true partner, they're consistently eager to discuss and explore new developments and opportunities. It's great to have people on our side that we can trust on such a basic level — it's like having an extension of our own team.’

Richard Ortiz, Senior Associate, Business Analytics
School of Rock customers

‘We are seeing substantial impact on the bottom line at School of Rock since making the Yext platform part of our systematic approach to being visible and present online and then taking that visibility to the next level to enhance our local engagement and grow our business.’

Dzana Homan, CEO, School of Rock
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