Yext Knowledge Tags

Make your website intelligent with powerful Schema software.

Intelligent services rely on structured data to provide rich experiences — so you need to make sure the data about your brand is structured in a way these services understand. With Yext Knowledge Tags, you’ll make your website the most reliable source of information about your brand. Easy to implement using a Javascript library, Yext Knowledge Tags let you add Schema to your website with just a single line of code.

Schema Markup Made Simple

Schema Markup helps your website speak the language of intelligent services so they can understand, categorise and structure the information about your brand.

By using Schema Markup, you’ll be able to power the information about your people, products, locations, events and menus — wherever consumers are finding it.

Unified Analytics

You can’t optimise what you can’t measure. With Yext, you can get true visibility into how and when consumers interact with your website — and how those interactions drive real business. Yext delivers industry-standard analytics like page views, impressions and customer actions (like clicks-to-website, phone calls, and driving directions). And it turns those analytics into insights by combining them with a complete view of your brand’s presence and performance across search engines, devices and geographies.

Yext Analytics allows you to view your website and app data alongside your third-party listings analytics. You can even export the data to your favourite web analytics tool in order to uncover new opportunities to optimise your public facts and overall strategy.

Knowledge Sync

Your web pages make up a living entity — one full of information about all sides of your business. But this information can change based on many factors (like time of year, management shifts and company growth) so it’s critical to keep the facts about your brand up-to-date.

Knowledge Sync powers the data on your website directly from your Knowledge Graph — keeping the latest facts about your brand accurate and consistent with all of your listings on third-party sites.

See how your business can deliver verified answers to searching consumers, helping drive discovery and revenue.

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