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Your website has always been the public home for your brand. But what customers expect to find has made serving the facts about your brand more and more complex. Consumers no longer want to go to your homepage and navigate from there. They start by searching or asking a voice assistant a question. And expect your brand’s website can provide a rich, specific answer. That’s why AI-ready pages for each of your advisers, events, restaurants, menus and locations are so important.

Regardless of what they are searching for – consistent, fast-loading, properly marked-up pages improve your listings presence across AI-driven discovery services like search, maps and voice assistants. And a good-design is essential if you want your visitors to navigate your landing page easily — and take action to become customers.

Give these AI-driven discovery services accurate, consistent and optimised information for your consumers. Seamlessly integrated with the Knowledge Graph, Yext Pages allow your marketing teams to be in control with easy to create and maintain landing pages that efficiently scale. Create or update your facts once in your Knowledge Graph and watch it flow to your website automatically.

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Learn how leaders across industries use Yext Pages to win more business:

Ever since we got Pages and Listings up and running, we have been able to grow organic search. Right now we are at 75% of mobile traffic coming in. Much of that can be attributed to the location data focus that we have been placing on our restaurants in the past year. Thanks to Yext, we are spending significantly less time doing optimisation now.

Denny's John Dillon

Truth be told, the enormity of what Yext offers is not something that the chaps within our four walls have the bandwidth to focus on. We had to find a vendor who'd be our watch dog for us — hold our hand and make we are doing the right things. Yext has done that for us, and then some. Everyone on the team from top to bottom is fantastic.

Physiocorp customers

We worked with Yext to develop micro-pages, one for each of our 550 clinics. With Yext's digital asset management functionality permitting approvals and workflows for multiple users on the platform, each clinic director can be responsible for that clinic's management.


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