Knowledge Assistant

Hello, I'm the Yext Knowledge Assistant.

With the Yext Knowledge Assistant, managing your brand facts is as easy as texting your friends. Update your hours, add photos, respond to reviews, and more — all right from your phone. Curious about how you’re performing? Ask the Knowledge Assistant questions so you can see how consumers are engaging with your brand at any time. The Knowledge Assistant is here to help. It can even nudge you or your local users to update content that needs freshening.


The Yext Knowledge Assistant is supported via text message and Facebook Messenger.

Never forget a holiday.

Do big days have a way of sneaking up on you? Simply message the Knowledge Assistant to update your standard business hours or holiday hours at any time. If a holiday is approaching and you haven’t made an update, the Knowledge Assistant will reach out — so you can confirm or change your hours.

Add photos on the fly.

Photos help customers engage with your brand and drive a rich, consistent experience. With the Knowledge Assistant, adding a new photo — including your logo, professional headshot, cover or profile photo on Facebook and Google, and more — to your Yext-powered Listings or Pages is as easy as changing your profile pic. Simply snap a photo, send it to the Knowledge Assistant, and confirm the location(s) to which you’d like to add it.

Keep special offers fresh.

Want to highlight new inventory or promote a limited time offer? Use the Knowledge Assistant to update your Featured Message — a 50-character text field and URL that you can use to promote special offers or drive consumers to a special landing page from across the Knowledge Network.

1 New Message: 5 New Stars!

The Knowledge Assistant keeps you informed and helps resolve issues quickly by reaching out when your customers review your business on any Knowledge Network site. If that review is on Google or Facebook, or if it’s a first-party review you’ve requested, simply text your response to the Knowledge Assistant and watch it publish to the review.

Hey, Yext — how am I doing?

Understand how you're doing on your own schedule. Just ask the Knowledge Assistant, "Show me my hours," to confirm what consumers currently see about your business across the digital universe. Or ask "How many phone calls have I received?" or "What's my average rating?" to see how consumers rate and engage with your business online.

Empower franchisees, agents, and advisors.

Your local users know their stores, restaurants, offices, and branches best. But they’ve got a business to run, and there’s no time in their day to log in to a dashboard. With the Knowledge Assistant, local managers can update their brand facts in a matter of moments, right from their phones, so they can stay focused on running their business.

Your secret weapon to source content.

Want your franchisees to upload new storefront photos every six months? Need an advisor to confirm her office hours? Let the Knowledge Assistant help! Set up a one-time nudge to source fresh information from all your users, or have the Knowledge Assistant can remind them as needed — whenever content they manage should be refreshed.

See how your business can deliver verified answers to searching consumers, helping drive discovery and revenue.

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