A global source of truth for the facts about your business.

Your customers are diverse — and no matter the country or county where you operate, you want to delight them with a personal and on-brand experience from search to sale. From address formats to local languages, the Yext Knowledge Manager supports your global efforts to deliver more customers through your doors, Türen, portes, and puertas every day.

A world of address formats.

Address formats, phone numbers, postal codes, and currencies vary across country lines — but your reputation for delivering consumers the information they need is on the line across the globe.

Yext’s industry expertise and direct publisher relationships support your global scale and expansion with smart, pre-formatted addresses, phone numbers, and payment options for 78 countries. Simply select the country your store, branch, agent, or office is in, and watch the fields in your Knowledge Graph adjust to support that country’s standards.

We speak the language. Everywhere.

Whether you operate in multiple markets or a single diverse area, your customers may speak different languages. To drive a great experience, you hire local language staff in your stores and offices — shouldn’t your online presence reflect that, too?

Yext's Multi-Language Data Storage allows you to present a tailored experience to consumers worldwide while maintaining data consistency, avoiding discrepancies, and satisfying local customers.

See how your business can deliver verified answers to searching consumers, helping drive discovery and revenue.

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