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Actionable analytics for all.

When it comes to your brand’s performance in search, there’s no shortage of data. But how you see, filter and interact with that data can mean the difference between simply looking at numbers and taking meaningful action. Whether you’re a casual calculator, a major data geek, or somewhere in between, Yext makes it easy to see and surface the metrics that matter.

Track your clicks and conversions.

Consumers search today by clicking until they find what they want. And with the various clicks that your brand generates, it’s difficult to understand exactly how you are performing in search.

With Conversion Tracking, you can track your performance in clicks and conversions. Now, you can to tie real transactional dollars to the clicks that your brand is generating. The flexibility of Conversion Tracking allows you to decide what customer action constitutes a conversion. Whether that be placing an order, booking an appointment or RSVP to an event — you decide what metrics to track depending on the value each one brings to your business.

Cut through the noise.

We get it. You have a lot going on. Yext’s Dashboards let you create standard or customised views, so you can see your performance through any lens you’d like.

Build custom or company-wide dashboards that show your choice of more than 40 hand-built insights. Flexible options let you add insight captions and share those dashboards with anyone who needs to see — whether or not they have a Yext account.

Dive in and play.

When it comes to your data, sometimes you like to get your hands dirty. With the Yext Report Builder, playing with your data is more fun than ever.

Build your own custom insights from data sources like the Google Search Console, Facebook Social Analytics, Eventbrite Analytics, Google My Business, the Knowledge Network and much more. Then, save those insights to any dashboard you’d like.

Demonstrate your value.

By controlling the public facts about your brand, blocking user-suggested edits to your listings, keeping duplicates suppressed (and much more) Yext works for your business 24/7. Now, you can see a log of all the activity in your Yext account.

If you’re a Yext Partner, use this report to show your customers everything you do on their behalf. Or, share this log with your management. We can’t promise a promotion, but we do think you deserve it.

A wealth of insights.

Google My Business. Google Search Console. Facebook Social Analytics. And, yes, even Yext. Looking at your data used to mean logging into multiple systems to see tiny pieces of your overall performance.

With Yext’s Insights Library, it’s finally possible to take a consolidated view of all the data that matters — in one place. Log into one system to see everything from how many clicks your promotions get, to the days and times when your Pages are the most popular, to how many people use Google Maps to get to your store. Then, get on with your day.

See how your business can deliver verified answers to searching consumers, helping drive discovery and revenue.

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