Own the Customer Journey with the Yext Knowledge Graph


Yext for DTC Retail

Today’s shopper journey starts with a question — and your customers expect answers in their moment of intent. Convert and retain more direct business when you power your customer experience with Yext. 

Improve Conversion People who search are 1.6x more likely to buy than those who browse and they spend 2.6x as much. Drive conversion by putting actionable answers right in the search results.
Cut Support Costs Handling support tickets and calls is costly. Slash your spend by putting answers to common questions in site search — and reduce live support escalations by 42% or more.
Reduce Search Bounce When people can’t find answers in your search experience — or if you don’t have one — 68% of them won’t return to your website. Capture more customers with dynamic search that converts.
The Best DTC Brands Trust Yext

Yext plays an important role in our continued focus on exceptional customer experience. The platform has saved us a huge amount of time and resources and allowed us to provide consistent information to our customers which builds trust.

Chiara Klamp, Head of Global Omnichannel

Working with Yext helped us to drive a stronger integration between stores and digital. Now, accurate information is available to customers 24/7 and we’re seeing the impact of that in search views and store visits.

James Connell, Chief eCommerce & Customer Experience Officer

The technology and the leadership have been top-notch. The service is definitely on the enterprise level. It’s a real competitive advantage.

Glenn Zabal, Senior SEO Manager

We really saw the value of Yext when COVID happened. It was a crisis like we’ve never experienced, and we had to make many rapid changes in just two days — and then changes to those changes. We needed to ensure we could be nimble and fast, and Yext helped us do that.

Benedicte Jeulin, Digital Marketing Manager

Reduce Support Costs by 42% or More with Yext

Just two weeks after launching Yext Answers, one brand saw 42% fewer* clicks on a “Contact Us” button because customers were able to get the help in search instead. *as compared to the two weeks before

Power your brand strategy and convert more shoppers with the Yext Knowledge Graph

The Yext Knowledge Graph is purpose-built to store and structure all the public-facing facts about your brand — and the relationships between them — so you can deliver correct answers to intelligent services and the shoppers who use them.


See how your business can drive discovery and revenue when you deliver verified answers to searching consumers.