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Sixt Partners With Yext for Online Visibility and Reputation Management

In February 2017, Sixt secured Yext as a strategic partner in order to continue to assert itself in the highly competitive car rental market.
18,000 Reviews managed in Yext
29% increase in Google Customer Actions
1,700 Locations managed with Yext
Car rental
2,200 locations in more than 100 countries
The Challenge
Sixt sought a strategic partner to manage their digital presence and drive discoverability to win customers in the highly competitive car rental market.
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From gigantic airport installations to social media content targeting Gen Z, Sixt Autovermietung experiments with creativity and humour — and new technology. The company from Pullach was one of the first German companies on Snapchat. More recently, the company launched the world’s first comprehensive mobility platform in an app that connects digital car rental, car-sharing and ride-hailing for 20 million customers. This pioneering spirit has helped the family business grow by leaps and bounds: in 1912, Sixt launched a fleet of three cars in Germany; today it is the largest car rental company in Europe with 2018 revenue reaching €2.93 billion. Sixt has roughly 270,000 vehicles worldwide across 2,200 locations in more than 100 countries.

In February 2017, Sixt sought a strategic partner with three goals in mind: increasing the visibility of the brand and its individual rental locations, optimising data and information across digital platforms and monitoring and responding to online reviews in real time.

Control and Optimisation in Real Time

With Yext, Sixt is in control of its data and information across more than 100 platforms, including Google, Amazon Alexa, Apple Maps, Facebook, Bing, Yahoo and Yelp. Information for 1,312 owned and 400 franchise locations is managed from a single point of control with Yext, making sure that contact details, operating hours, and other essential details are always up to date, accurate and consistent no matter where customers are searching. "We look at all publisher suggestions and test and use new features," says Thorsten Becker, Head of SEO at Sixt.

‘We see it as our mission to help customers and provide them with a comprehensive service by taking their views seriously and dealing with them.’
Thorsten Becker Head of SEO, Sixt

Yext empowers Sixt to deliver a seamless customer experience across services and from online to offline. This includes responding to reviews and analysing them for actionable insights to improve service at the location level. Yext provides Sixt with a detailed overview of reviews and locations at a glance. "We see it as our task to stand by our customers and to offer them a comprehensive service by taking their opinions seriously and dealing with them," says Becker. Internally, Sixt has aligned these important tasks with their SEO and Customer Care teams, who work closely with Yext. "At Sixt, we understand that the customer is king. They make their own decisions and rate products and services according to their satisfaction, "says Becker. "The more we learn, the more expectations they have, the better we can be prepared for it."

Authentic Communication with the Customers

In close cooperation with Yext, Sixt manages the customer experience successfully and optimises it continuously. "The benefit and added value of customer reviews for us is that we can communicate with customers candidly and honestly. In direct dialogue, we can work in real time to make our services and products on the web even more transparent and thus make us more tangible on the whole, "says Thorsten Becker. To do this, he uses various custom dashboards in Yext, each prepared to display specific KPIs at a glance, such as star ratings by location.

This investment in the intelligent future is paying off. "We have improved our visibility and can update and monitor the data and information about our locations," says Becker. "This gives us more control over our brand online." Within six months of launch, Yext analysed 18,000 reviews. In addition, Sixt has since seen an increase in Google Customer Actions by 29% over the previous year.

"We are pleased to count Sixt among our customers," says Michael Hartwig, Managing Partner of Central Europe at Yext. "Sixt is known for trying new things, driving innovation, and tackling new topics. The integration of Yext shows that Sixt wants to further expand its pioneering role in the digital sector. We look forward to accompanying this development by making sure that off-site data is maintained on more than 100 digital platforms and significantly affecting online presence. "

18,000 Reviews managed in Yext
29% increase in Google Customer Actions
1,700 Locations managed with Yext

Through local business listings, Sixt controls its data and information across over 100 platforms – including Google, Amazon Alexa, Apple Maps, Facebook, Bing, Yahoo and Yelp. Within 6 months of launching with Yext, 1,312 own and 400 franchise locations have been integrated there.

18,000 reviews analysed within the first 6 months with Yext.

In the first 6 months with Yext, Sixt has seen an increase of 29% in Google Customer Actions over the previous year – including clicks, calls and card calls.

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