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Salvatore’s leverages Yext to increase search visibility and generate more online orders

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39% year-over-year increase in customer actions
38% year-over-year growth in clicks on their listings
1,400 Profile Updates
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Food Service
29 locations
Rochester, NY
The Challenge
As Salvatore’s grew from one location in 1978 to 29 locations today, the brand sought to drive more online orders by managing and distributing brand and menu information everywhere consumers search.

Headquartered in Rochester, NY, Salvatore’s is a local-favorite pizza chain serving upstate New York. Founded by Salvatore Fantauzzo, Salvatore’s started out with one restaurant in Rochester in 1978 and then grew to encompass the 29 locations they have operating today.

The Challenge

A local success story, while multiplying Salvatore’s restaurants meant great opportunities for the upstate NY favorite, growth from one location to dozens came with challenges — especially for a business founded before the digital era. 

Because locations had opened, moved, and been renovated over the years, Salvatore’s struggled with inaccurate and incomplete listings information, as well as confusion caused by duplicate listings. The brand realized this could hurt its performance in search and its customer experience as a whole, leading to fewer online orders. Additionally, Salvatore’s didn’t have a good way to upload and update online menu information across its multiple locations. 

Salvatore’s was working with CMS Max, a Yext partner. “With CMS Max, Salvatore’s redesigned their website and updated their mobile responsivity. After we made those changes, they asked what else we could do. I knew there was a lot more they could achieve with Yext to bring them to the next level,” Sam Pizzo, CEO of CMS Max, said. “They had a good local reputation, but there was a lot of incorrect information out there because stores had closed over time, or numbers changed, or they just had a bad online ordering button. Yext came in and identified all of that right away — and showed them how fixing it could have a major impact on search.” 

In 2018, Salvatore’s began leveraging Yext, becoming a shared direct client. 

The Solution

Consumers search for food more than any other business category, and today, they do so across a growing number of maps, apps, and AI-powered search engines. Salvatore’s leverages Yext to control all of the public facts about its brand so that the restaurant shows up in these searches.

The first step for Salvatore’s was to seamlessly update essential business information like address and operating hours across more than 150 publishers, including Google, Facebook, and Amazon Alexa, from a single dashboard. Providing verified brand information everywhere so that search engines can surface it is key to discoverability: As Salvatore’s corrected its listings and suppressed duplicates, the brand’s search views began to increase. 

Yext gave Salvatore’s the ability to manage custom entities like menu items. The ability to upload and update menu information across Yext’s food publishers from a central hub helps Salvatore’s provide perfect answers about its pizzas everywhere customers might be searching. Additionally, it increases Salvatore’s ability to rank in unbranded search situations (“best pepperoni pizza” instead of “Salvatore’s pizza”), because listing menu items are what make it clear to search engines — and, therefore, searchers — that Salvatore’s does indeed serve pepperoni pizza. This allows the brand to rank in those high-intent situations, ultimately helping to generate more online orders of its menu items. 

Finally, with Yext, Salvatore’s is able to pull in historical and new reviews, providing a single view into what customers are saying about the brand online across review sites. By gaining greater insights and having the ability to engage with customer reviews directly from a central hub, Salvatore’s is able to create a better customer experience in all of its restaurants — driving more positive reviews in turn.

“Just six to eight months later, we were looking at tremendous growth in local customer actions,” Pizzo said. 

The Results

Since launch, Salvatore’s makeup has experienced 38% YoY growth in Clicks on their listings, had over 1,400 profile updates and suppressed over 200 duplicate listings.

At launch, Yext pulled in 3,200 historical reviews from Salvatore’s listings, providing visibility into brand reputation across publishers over time. In the 6 months since launch, Salvatore’s pulled in an additional 1,000 reviews to allow ongoing monitoring of brand reputation

The Difference

Leveraging Yext to provide customers with verified brand answers everywhere has helped Salvatore’s increase search views and drive a 39% year-over-year increase in customer actions — generating more online orders as a result. Monitoring reviews has also helped the restaurant to better understand its reputation online — and serve up a better customer experience across its 29 locations. 

“We see growth in traffic back to their website continuing to grow month-over-month,” Pizzo said. “This is a truly remarkable ‘mom-and-pop’ business, local SEO success story.”

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‘Salvatore’s sustained growth in Google search views and customer actions tells an amazing story of what the power of Yext can do for your brand in local search.’
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Sam Pizzo CEO, CMS Max
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