Customer Story

Medicspot Provides Perfect Answers to Patients When It Matters Most

365% year over year growth in clicks to listings
244% year over year growth in listings impressions
3.3 Million impressions
350+ Locations
London, UK
The Challenge
Medicspot uses Yext to drive discoverability in search, improve customer experience and provide accurate information when patients need it most.

The Challenge

Innovative private healthcare provider Medicspot places technology and convenience at the centre of its business. Through video consultation with GPs across the UK, patients can receive a same-day appointment at their local pharmacy, rather than waiting days or weeks for an appointment at a doctors surgery. With the strain on the NHS greater than ever, Medicspot provides accurate diagnoses for people who would otherwise turn to their GP, or even A&E.

With ambitious plans for expansion, Medicspot needed a scalable solution that would allow it to manage the business information for its rapidly growing estate of listings for over 350 pharmacies. “Before partnering with Yext, we had around 50 Google My Business listings, but nothing on other platforms. Even managing just those was challenging, let alone listings on other third-party sites” said Adam Thornhill, CMO.

‘“Yext has definitely played a big part in helping us achieve the uplift in traffic that we’re getting. The team has always wanted to go above and beyond to support us as we grow”’
Adam Thornhill CMO

The Solution

To help in boosting discoverability for unbranded terms in the search engine results page (SERP), Medicspot chose Yext. In the 18 months since launch in May 2018, Medicspot has optimised for and sustained increased visibility in the Google SERP.

With Yext, the brand is now able to manage its listings and reviews from a central dashboard, to provide consistent answers, everywhere potential customers are searching across over 150 different search touchpoints. “The key for us was to be able to automate our listings, reviews and discoverability” said Thornhill.

Yext allows Medicspot to alleviate operational strain from its team. “Before we partnered with Yext, updating even one opening hour across all of our locations was an exponential manual effort” said Thornhill. “Now that my team has freed up those hours, we’ve been able to focus on other exciting projects. None of that would have been possible if we were still manually updating our listings”.

The Difference

Medicspot’s recent upgrade to the Yext Ultimate package is a testament to the strong relationship that the teams have built. “The Sentiment Analysis piece is really exciting. Being able to see what our patients are saying at scale helps us from a strategic standpoint to see where our focus needs to be” said Thornhill. “We’re also really interested in the Q&A tool, as well as the ability to automate review monitoring to send out monthly alerts and give pharmacy owners visibility into how they’re performing. It gives a real sense of ownership.”

It is clear that the relationship is going from strength to strength. “One of the biggest things I’ve been impressed with is the team that we’ve worked with” said Thornhill. “It has been hugely beneficial to work with Yext. We’re able to get objective feedback on our plans and face any challenges with a solid consultative sounding board.”


In the 18 months since launch in May 2018, Medicspot has driven:

  • Over 54k Clicks to their listings while experiencing a year-over-year growth rate of 365%.
  • Over 3.3M Impressions to their listings while experiencing a year-over-year growth rate of 244%.

During this time, Medicspot has optimised for and sustained increased visibility in the Google SERP.

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