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Fazoli’s Serves Up Fresh Fare and Fresh Information with Yext

Fazoli's partners with Yext to drive increases in share of search results, customer engagement metrics and reputation management.
65% Increase in Google Search Views Per Location
33% Additional "Order Takeout" Clicks Per Month
43% Increase in share of local search for "pasta"

Food Service
220+ restaurants in 27 states
Lexington, KY
The Challenge
Fazoli's needed a scalable solution to manage their digital brand data, particularly local menu options; optimise for online discovery; and empower franchisees to respond to reviews.
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Fazoli’s is a leading Italian restaurant chain with approximately 220 restaurants in 27 states across America.

“Fazoli’s is America’s largest Italian elevated quick-service restaurant chain, serving freshly prepared pasta mains, Submarinos® sandwiches, salads and pizza to approximately 30 million guests each year,” says Will Hanrahan, Digital Marketing Manager at Fazoli’s.

The Challenge

When Hanrahan took over managing the brand’s website and digital knowledge, Fazoli’s had a loyal and growing customer base but was struggling to manage its consumer-facing information online. This was especially true for localised menu offerings, which changed frequently and varied location to location.

While Fazoli’s franchise operators had the autonomy to customise their menus with limited time offers for their restaurants, the brand was not initially able to make these tailored menus reflect online at the local level. The Fazoli’s website had a single corporate menu page, making it look as though all items were available at all locations. Consumers searching online couldn’t always see the correct menu for the location near them, causing confusion that sometimes led to negative reviews.

With only one person managing a growing number of reviews for 220 restaurants, it became impossible to communicate with all customers who left reviews on a one-to-one basis.

‘A lot of customers still find the business online by searching 'Italian restaurant near me.' With so many pizza places, Fazoli’s doesn’t fall into the typical categories one normally thinks of and Yext helps us show people who we are.’
Will Hanrahan Digital Marketing Manager

The Solution

Hanrahan and Fazoli’s decided to work with Yext to manage their digital knowledge centrally. Fazoli’s uses the Yext Knowledge Engine to manage menus and publish them accurately across the web, customising them per location.

Now, Fazoli’s uses Yext to build and manage their restaurant location pages and menus. Because they use the Yext Knowledge Manager as their central source of truth, it’s easy to update all of their location-specific sites with the same information they are publishing on intelligent services like Google, Bing, Facebook and Yelp, from menu information to hours of operation.

“Customers can go on onto the local page for one of our restaurants, they can see everything they want,” says  Will Hanrahan, Digital Marketing Manager for Fazoli’s. “They can find out more about the menu offerings, call the location, see opening hours. They can do so much from this one page. Making sure it’s correct and easy to find is an integral part of our digital marketing strategy.”

Fazoli’s location pages had an immediate impact on how the brand could provide tailored menus for each restaurant. It also allowed the brand to delegate review management of each restaurant to that store’s owner, empowering leadership at the local level. Now when a customer searches “Fazoli’s menu,” he or she gets the local page for the nearest restaurant, with up-to-date prices, items, photos, hours and more. Yext’s enhanced menu feature pushes the exact menu from that location into the Google search results.

“The beauty of having Yext Pages is the customer sees the same, consistent information wherever they look,” says Hanrahan.

“I’m really, really happy with how we’ve used Yext, and I find it very easy,” Hanrahan continues.“As an example, when a franchisee decides they’re going to change the price of a menu item, I can change it on my own and can respond back saying this is now live!”


From Fazoli’s first year with Yext, the company saw 33% year-over-year growth in clicks on their listings. This includes 18% year-over-year growth in direction clicks, 63% year-over-year growth in website clicks, and 32% year-over-year growth in phone call clicks.

The Difference

Since implementing Yext, customer complaints about the menu and local store information have dropped. Hanrahan and his team can focus their efforts on driving hungry customers into their restaurants.

“When a new location opens up, we’re able get of ahead of the curve by setting up Pages in advance. We can have everything ready to go so they can kick-start that location. With a very quick glance at Yext Analytics, we can see how we’re trending. Almost every single metric is trending positive. We’re getting more page views every month. We’re getting more website clicks, we’re getting more phone calls, everything is just moving in the right direction, which is really good to see.”



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