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Dignity Funerals leverages Yext to power answers when customers need them most

70% Rise in Phone Call Clicks from 2018-2019
25% Increase in Page Views from 2018-2019
100k+ Searches Powered since Answers launch
Funeral Care
West Midlands, UK
The Challenge
Dignity needed to provide accurate, timely and helpful answers to people searching for important information.

With a history dating back as far as 1812, Dignity funeral homes have been serving their local communities for generations. Although they have conducted many funerals for notable figures including Sir Winston Churchill, it is the hundreds of thousands of funerals that Dignity has conducted on behalf of families across the UK that gives Dignity such a rich history delivering its vital services. Every element of the brand is focussed on taking the greatest care to support its customers at their moment of greatest need and ensuring that respect and dignity underpins every step of the process.

For most people, interacting with Dignity is their first experience of organising a funeral. “Many people don’t know where to begin when suddenly bereaved, and more often than not people do what is familiar and take their search for answers online.” said Mark Hull, Marketing Director at Dignity. “That was the starting point of our journey with Yext, back in 2017, as we were seeing more and more people finding our details in search results, but we didn’t have a robust online presence. When we first started addressing this, we found that our information was inconsistent across different platforms”.

‘It really is a pretty amazing solution. If you utilise everything that's within the Yext Search Experience Cloud, the difference you can make is significant’
Mark Hull Marketing Director, Dignity

Dignity leveraged a number of solutions in the Yext Search Experience Cloud including Listings, Pages and Reviews in order to boost its digital footprint and deliver the information that consumers are searching for. “The schema, speed and efficiency of the Search Experience Cloud allowed us to maximise the visibility of our information on the search engine results page (SERP)” said Sam Poote, Head of Digital Marketing at Dignity. “This meant that we could rapidly update our pages and deliver schema-optimised content to maximise our discoverability.”

A solution to provide answers to questions when people need them most.

In 2019, with the launch of Answers, Dignity adopted the full Search Experience Cloud into its search strategy. A revolutionary site search solution, Answers understands natural language and provides rich search results to improve customer experience. “Answers gives us the opportunity to provide our customers with the ability to navigate our site in a far more intelligent and efficient manner than we’ve ever had before” says Mark. “It enables our visitors to be in control of their own experience with us, which is what they need when they are in a sensitive state of grieving”. Sam continues “it isn’t only about removing clicks from a customer journey before speaking to us, it is a very helpful tool for us to support our visitors in their moment of need”.

‘Providing Answers isn’t just about removing clicks and streamlining the customer journey, it allows us to give people the information they need as soon as possible, especially when they have so many questions that need answering, and quickly’
Samuel Poote Head of Digital Marketing, Dignity

Dignity has expanded its Pages solution further, and seen some dramatic improvements to its rankings in the SERP. “The schema-optimisation of Pages has meant that before using Pages, we were ranking in the top three search results for less than 10% of our branches. Within six months we were looking at over 80% against our original benchmark. This has been very, very powerful for us”. Pages has also enabled Dignity to reflect the true background of each of its Funeral Homes. “Pages has enabled us to give each of our locations their own presence online. People don’t just want to find an address when they visit a location page, they want to understand a bit more about a business’s heritage and the services it provides, as well as demographic or cultural specialities” continues Mark. “Pages allows us to tell each location’s story”. 

The Dignity and Yext teams are looking forward to unlocking even more potential with Answers in the future. “I can’t imagine a more effective and efficient way of dealing with large quantities of different data than using Yext. You can tell there is so much diligence in the Yext team and they’re always there to help us find solutions” says Sam. Mark adds that “The technology becomes an integral part of your online experiences. It really is a pretty amazing solution. If you utilise everything that’s within the Search Experience Cloud, the difference you can make is significant.”

Customer Experience has been at the forefront of Dignity’s strategy with Answers. “Ultimately in our business the start of the customer journey is with a question, like ‘where’s my nearest funeral director’. People have lots of questions because they don’t know what to do” Mark explains. “We are now able to be both proactive and reactive to customer requirements. We can identify what questions they are asking and, crucially, those that we haven’t yet answered for them. It fuels our content production and enables us to keep delivering resources that will be of genuine value to everyone that visits our site.” 

Answers has also allowed Dignity to build its brand and make an impact on future customers, by delivering answers and content to everyone in a way that suits their specific needs. “One of the most popular areas of our site is funeral etiquette, which includes useful content such as ‘what to wear to a funeral’” said Mark.  “Using Answers means that when we help people with the questions they most need answers to, it leaves an impression, even if they don’t need our services right now”. 

Dignity’s results from the Yext Search Experience Cloud

From 2018 to 2019, with the combination of Listings and Pages, Dignity saw a 70% year over year rise in phone call clicks from listings, and a 25% year over year rise in phone call clicks directly from Yext-powered pages. Over the course of 2018 and 2019, page views grew 25% year over year .

Since launching Answers in May 2020, Yext has powered over 100,000 searches for Dignity Funerals and over 16,000 clicks as of August 31, 2020.

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