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Cherry Creek Mortgage Boosts Discovery, Drives Clicks to MLOs With Yext

25.6k clicks to MLO listings, a year-over-year increase of 246%
262% year-over-year growth in website clicks
272% year-over-year growth in phone call clicks
Financial Services
380+ MLOs
Denver, Colorado
The Challenge
The brand needed a better solution to update over 300 individual MLOs across the country, and deliver customers the right answers everywhere online — ultimately driving discovery and clicks across search experiences.

Founded in 1987, Cherry Creek Mortgage now has 380+ mortgage loan officers (MLOs) and offers close to 200 products. Headquartered in Denver, CO, Cherry Creek Mortgage combines local service with a national presence. 

“We have a great team at Cherry Creek Mortgage Company and have helped over 160,000 families finance a home. Our work starts with a culture of support and success — with every employee, partner, and consumer,” explains David Arnett, VP of Marketing and Communications at Cherry Creek Mortgage. “We’re more concerned with getting borrowers into the right loan versus just any loan. This passion for responsible lending is what we’ve built our reputation on, and is what enables us to succeed through wild housing cycles.”

The Challenge

Cherry Creek Mortgage has a stable of customers and an established brand, but they faced a problem common to the mortgage industry — how to address the rapidly evolving customer journey online. 

Several years ago, Cherry Creek Mortgage executed a rebrand to update the brand’s look and feel. They understood the importance of ensuring that their MLOs’ information was properly updated — and that they were surfacing in search results with correct and verified information everywhere customers might be searching. But with 80 branches, 11 divisions, and more than 300 individual loan officers serving local markets across the country, delivering the right answers everywhere customers search was easier said than done. 

“What we realised was, ‘Okay, we’ve got the new website, we’ve got all the materials, we’ve got our fresh look and feel, but now we need to introduce the brand to the world,’” Arnett says. “Trying to deliver information across social media, key sites like Google My Business, and more — while managing 300-plus loan officer accounts — was impossible. It was absolutely impossible.”

The Solution

Facing that impossibility, Cherry Creek Mortgage selected Yext to streamline the process of creating and updating their brand information across these multiple platforms. Now able to easily manage all of the public facts about its brand — as well as the services and contact information for hundreds of individual MLOs — Cherry Creek Mortgage knew it could both boost discoverability across search experiences and build brand trust. 

Working with Yext has also given Cherry Creek Mortgage a clear understanding of borrower feedback, thanks to the visibility of reviews. With Yext, the brand now has greater insight into the experiences of existing customers, and has boosted the volume of first-party reviews.

“We have more than 21,000 listings right now and climbing — that alone is incredible, but then there’s also the review network,” Arnett says. “So with reviews, two or three days after closing, we send out an automated review email that says, ‘If you had a great experience, we’d like to hear about it. If you had a bad experience, we’d love to hear about that too, so we can fix it. Here are our social channels. Pick the one that you’re most comfortable with and we would appreciate a review.’ We’ve boosted our star-rating dramatically, as well as our review volume. That, coupled with having compliant and accurate information everywhere, has really increased our online presence in a major way.”

Finally, Cherry Creek Mortgage started leveraging Answers in December 2019. As the brand had come to understand the importance of delivering direct, accurate across third-party search experiences, they knew they needed a better way to provide the same class of experience on their website. Now, Cherry Creek Mortgage is able to meet consumer intent on their website and deliver answers to on-site searches directly — allowing consumers to convert right in the search results. 

‘We’re always saying it around here — we wish that every vendor would treat us like Yext. Not only do they have the best product, the best customer service, and the best response time, but they have always been a collaborative partner.’
David Arnett VP of Marketing and Communications, Cherry Creek Mortgage

The Results

In the 29 months since launching in May 2017, Cherry Creek Mortgage has driven over 25.6k clicks to their MLO listings while experiencing a YoY growth rate of 246%. This included a 207% YoY increase in direction clicks, a 262% YoY increase in website clicks, and a 272% YoY increase in phone call clicks.

The Difference

Since launching with Yext, Cherry Creek Mortgage has significantly increased the overall discoverability of their MLOs and branches. They have also streamlined the on-boarding and off-boarding process for MLOs so that each loan officer who joins or leaves the company can have their information seamlessly updated across discovery channels — making the on-boarding process smoother, helping each MLO drive more leads, and ensuring that no gaps or contradictory information show up anywhere online.   

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