How to Reimagine Customer Support Online with Fred Sirieix: Recording Available Now

On Wednesday the 14th of July, Yext hosted The Future of Customer Support, featuring none other than Fred Sirieix. Famed maître d’hôtel, lauded television presenter on the likes of First Dates and advisor to major luxury corporations, Fred shared his truly unique insights into the world of customer support. With a packed agenda, we’ve rounded up the event highlights and inspiration your brand needs to level up its support strategy. 

When talking about a brand, you are talking about consistency” – Fred Sirieix 

From the start of the event, Sirieix’s passion, knowledge and experience in the customer support space shone through. He spoke of how whilst brands need to give consumers the ability to free-flow through support channels and make their own decisions, there must be consistent standards. “If you maintain a certain level of attention to detail and quality in your product or service, the same level has to go into your service. And if customer support isn’t delighting your customers in the same way, then the experience is inconsistent.” 

Sirieix went on to detail why the customer is always king. “It’s not the company who pays the wages, it’s the customer,” he advised, whilst detailing the importance of a customer-obsessed culture. “Prioritising service must come from the top” he continued, sharing why leadership must integrate and consider top-notch support at every customer interaction. With Sirieix’s golden rules of service being applicable to all types of brands, his message is clear: prioritising exceptional service will build loyalty and keep customers coming back.

True digital transformation in support is all about time. It’s all about saving your business time and your customers’ time’ – Christian Ward, CDO, Yext.

Christian Ward, Yext’s CDO, also provided some compelling insights to set the scene for the session. Explaining why a search-first customer support strategy was so critical, Ward shared that 90% of customers say that they use search at every stage of the customer journey. Further to that, with 85% of all customer service interactions predicted to start with self-service by 2022, the need for providing an intuitive and AI-powered search experience to help customers to self-serve for the support answers they need is more vital than ever. 

It became very clear that as people had to shift their habits to online and contactless engagement, customer support was going to be a critical factor’ – Joe Jorczak, Head of Industry for Customer Support, Yext.

Joining Yext recently from Zendesk and with a wealth of experience in customer support, Joe Jorczak discussed the blurring lines of customer experience and support.. Touching on the importance of support staff, he spoke to how they are the frontline ambassadors for the brand and how critical it was to enable them to deliver answers quickly and effectively. In order for agents to deliver that personal experience, they need to be able to access information very quickly.

To hear Fred’s 10 golden rules of service, get the scoop on who he thinks is the better chef: Gordon or Gino and learn from his experiences working with major corporations, check out the recording of the event here

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