Your Website is Pretty, But Is It Smart?

Your Website Is Pretty, But Is It Smart? A website redesign is a great way to elevate your brand, but fresh design with stale navigation means your website looks good… but isn’t doing much to help the bottom line. With more people shopping online than ever — U.S. ecommerce sales jumped 37% in Q3 of 2020 — a pretty website just isn’t enough. Designers can break the status quo by marrying form and function with a website experience that actually reflects what people do online everyday: search. In this Yext Talk, you’ll discover:

  • Why your website is your most valuable asset
  • Why modern search is the next big thing in website redesign
  • How a great search experience will help you exceed your customers’ expectations and keep them coming back for more

See how your business can deliver verified answers to searching consumers, helping drive discovery and revenue.

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