New DMEXCO Podcast: Howard Lerman on the future of branded search

In the newest episode of the DMEXCO podcast, Howard Lerman, CEO and founder of Yext, talks about the development of search in recent years. And how should companies and brands use search engine marketing? How can they regain control of branded search – referring to search enquiries by consumers that contain company or brand names. Because only by regaining control they’ll be able to provide correct answers online about themselves, their products and services.  

In an entertaining conversation with host Alexander Wunschel, Howard talks about what companies can do to appear at the top of search results – and how they can be visible before their competition is. They’ll also take a look at what the future in online search might bring, as well as linking back to Howard’s previous appearance on the DMEXCO podcast where he talked about voice search.

Listen to the podcast here.

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