Yext’s Commitment to Helping Our Customers Deliver Timely, Accurate Information About COVID-19

Yext COVID-19 coronavirus preparation

Here at Yext, we are closely monitoring the COVID-19 coronavirus public health emergency that has affected thousands of people around the world. We’re laser-focused on keeping our employees safe, but we also want to do whatever we can to help our customers’ business continuity as the situation continues to unfold.

As the Search Experience Cloud we’re able to see, in real-time, the different types of questions people are asking our customers. Over the past 72 hours, we’ve seen a spike in COVID-19 search terms. People are asking questions like, “I have a slight cough do I have Coronavirus?” or “Schedule a flu shot to protect me from Coronavirus?” 

As a result, we have created a special cross-functional team inside Yext to help the thousands of hospital systems and doctors globally who make up our healthcare customers. We know that every time we can help them answer people’s questions about COVID-19, we free up resources for someone in need — and help relieve the burden on healthcare systems around the world. 

But we also know that every business is affected by COVID-19. To that end, our team has developed some new resources for all of our customers, with specifics about how they can leverage the Yext technology they already use to address the public’s need for information about this health emergency. We’ve also developed a COVID-19 Knowledge Graph plug-in, with source material pulled directly from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). This is free for our U.S. customers already using our Answers product. 

For the past decade, we’ve been helping brands put more truth online, which has enabled them to build more trust with their customers. And today, that matters more than ever. So during this unprecedented time, we’ll stay true to our mission and do our part to help our customers deliver more verified answers about COVID-19 to the world.

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