Yext Spring ’20 Product Release Now Available for Early Access

Yext, Inc. (NYSE: YEXT), the Search Experience Cloud company, today announced the availability of its Spring ’20 Product Release for early access. The release introduces several enhancements to the Yext platform, including a new way to view suggestions to brand data, more visibility into the source of digital conversions, and customisable leaderboards, that will enable businesses to further optimise their knowledge graphs and search experiences.

“With today’s release, the Yext Search Experience Cloud is more powerful than ever before,” said Marc Ferrentino, Chief Strategy Officer of Yext. “Our Spring ’20 enhancements further enable businesses not just to meet intent at every step of the customer journey, but to better understand the customer journey in a way that informs their business decisions.”

The Spring ’20 Product Release includes the following features: 

  • New Suggestions Experience: A business’s knowledge graph, the brain-like database that structures and stores millions of brand facts, must evolve over time to provide the best possible answers to consumer search queries. With the new Suggestions feature, Yext clients have a new way to view, filter, and take action on suggestions from consumers and their own employees to improve the data in their knowledge graphs.
  • Vertical Intents: From retailers emphasising products to restaurants highlighting menu items, different businesses may want to prioritise the order of information appearing in their site search results. The new Vertical Intents feature of Yext Answers grants clients increased flexibility to choose what sections are featured in their site search results, depending on the query.
  • Custom Page Markup: Businesses with Yext Pages can now add custom Schema.org markup to webpages they build for any entity types, such as jobs or special offers. By applying Schema.org markup to their webpages, businesses can help search engines better understand their facts and improve their eligibility for rich search results.
  • Conversion Tracking Updates: Expanding on the previously released Conversion Tracking feature, the Spring ’20 Product Release allows Yext clients to identify the original source of their conversions, whether they occurred on the business’s website, listings, or another platform, to improve understanding of how customers find their business.
  • Leaderboards: Yext clients can now better understand how their individual business locations, professionals, events, or geographies perform with customisable Leaderboards inside Yext Analytics. From location leaderboards ranked by clicks to country leaderboards ranked by conversions, businesses can choose the metrics that matter to them to identify areas for focus and improvement.

For more information about the Spring ’20 Product Release, visit the Release Notes.

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