Yext Tips To-Go: How to Notify Customers About COVID-19 Updates with Alert Banners

During this time of uncertainty, Yext is here to help equip you with the tools you need to answer the questions customers are asking with regards to COVID-19. One of the ways to notify consumers of how you are responding to the coronavirus is by adding an Alert Banner to your pages, such as the image below. Note: This is not a pop-up. Image: An example of the alert banner that you can add on page.

Yext Pages are built to give users relevant, core information about your entities. In addition to creating new pages to address these questions, you can also add a customised Alert Banner on your  pages to display timely, urgent information to consumers at the very top of the page to grab attention and provide information before any other action is taken. 

When creating an Alert Banner, you can control what text is present in the banner, what call-to-action is included and what color the banner should be. The method to add an Alert Banner is different depending on the type of Page you are subscribed to  – Self Service, or Managed Services.

Self Service Pages

If you are using Self Service Pages, the Page Builder has an announcement module banner that can be added to include any information that you want to highlight. You can immediately take action to add or update the Alert Banner by navigating to the Page Builder in the platform and updating the pages you’ve already created. 

Managed Pages

To formally request the banner on your Managed Pages, please email with a title of “COVID-19 Alert Banner for Pages” and CC your CSM with the following details:

  • Alert Banner Title
  • Alert Banner Text
    • Maximum Character Count:
      • Entity Pages: 4,000 characters
      • Directory Pages: 250 characters
  • Background Color (hex code)
  • Font Color (hex code)
  • Call-to-Action Text
  • Call-to-Action URL

Note: Please also confirm where the banner should appear, such as only Location Pages, customer page types, etc.

We wish you and your teams the best during this critical moment. If you need anything at all, Yext is here to help. Please reach out to your Customer Success Manager as your first point of contact, or visit our client support site,

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