A Time to Act

At Yext we’re passionate about helping businesses communicate better with their customers. When people search about brands, our job is to help those companies deliver accurate, up-to-date answers. Wrong answers can cost a company real business any day of the week, but in a time like this — the COVID-19 pandemic — wrong answers can actually cost lives.

Last week I wrote about the immediate steps we were taking to help our customers as the coronavirus became an increasing threat. Today, we’re extending our efforts further by offering any business the opportunity to integrate our Answers product into their company website for free for 90 days. 

Every company is working hard to manage this crisis, and we know that Answers can help them immediately improve their customer communications. In fact, we’ve seen first hand businesses across every sector scrambling to answer the influx of questions from their customers around the coronavirus. Whether it is a query to a healthcare provider about the efficacy of hand sanitiser, an airline about their cancellation policies, or a grocery store about the availability of bottled water, people are depending on timely answers so they can stay safe and make the right choices.  

Fortunately our technology can help right away, so we’ve set up a special site at www.nowronganswers.com where businesses can sign up to get Answers up and running on their own website.

This is a challenging time with a lot of uncertainty, but the one thing we can control is delivering timely and truthful information when people need it the most. Yext is a company built on that principle, and I’m looking forward to helping as many businesses as we can. 

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