Yext Announces New Control Over ATMs

Yext today announced the general availability of its Winter ’18 Product Release, featuring new support for ATMs via the Yext Knowledge Engine.

“The ways financial institutions interact with their customers are changing as the world undergoes a platform shift from web results to direct answers,” said Marc Ferrentino, Chief Strategy Officer at Yext. “Customers looking for ATMs increasingly recieve maps, voice search answers, and chats that rely on accurate digital knowledge in order to deliver the right answer. The features we released today are a major step forward in giving businesses the control they need to reach their customers with perfect information everywhere.”

Yext’s new platform support for ATMs offers a tailored experience to control and manage precise information about these entities. Banks can leverage this feature to ensure consumers see accurate information about their ATMs, including the branches or offices in which those ATMs are located.

“Facts about ATMs, from hours to locations to brand information, are constantly changing, and financial institutions need to make sure consumers always see the most up-to-date digital knowledge wherever they look,” said Shane Closser, Yext Head of Industry, Financial Services. “This is especially true in an environment in which more financial services are self-serve, pushing more of the brand experience online. With Yext’s new ATM support, financial institutions can manage digital knowledge about this crucial category of entities just as they would full-service branches.”

Additionally, with new capabilities available in the Winter ‘18 Release, automotive companies can now highlight vehicle charging stations, delivery and logistics companies can help customers find drop boxes and self-service locations, and retailers can now control data about coin-counting machines, self-serve rental stations, electronics trade-in stations, or other in-store kiosks.

Yext’s Winter ’18 Release also includes the Yext Knowledge Assistant conversational UI, Yext’s WeChat Location Mini Programs Integration, Sentiment Analysis in Yext Reviews, and new Competitive Intelligence capabilities.

The features listed above are now available to Yext customers based on their accounts. For more information, please visit the Winter ‘18 Release Notes.

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