Key Traits of the Everywhere Brand: #6 Responsive

In an era of faceless transactions, The Everywhere Brand is one that values face-to-face interaction, solicits honest reviews and responds to them in kind (where appropriate).

Every search engine results page features reviews and ratings prominently from a multitude of online platforms. Google also now displays first-party reviews in web pages’ organic search results. First-party reviews are those that you solicit and publish on your own website and app. Not only do these reviews impact organic search experience, but their stars will also often appear in your Google Knowledge Card.  

If you’d like to increase your search visibility, you must develop an active review generation strategy and be responsive. You must also understand that first-party reviews mean increased visibility, so you must actively solicit reviews from customers and respond to them as appropriate.

A benefit of generating first-party reviews is that it may increase the star ratings associated with your brand’s listings. For examples, Denny’s leveraged Yext Reviews on its site and saw a nearly full star increase in its local restaurant ratings over those they saw on third-party review sites. Passively waiting for reviews tends to create an abundance of negative reviews, so if you want to #FireUpYourFans and improve visibility, you must create a review solicitation and management strategy.

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