Key Traits of the Everywhere Brand: #7 Innovative

everywhere brand

As Sir Richard Branson stated so eloquently, “Every game-changer fails at some point. The reason they eventually succeed is because they don’t let their failings deter them.”

And neither should you. In order to become an Everywhere Brand, you must be innovative and innovation stems from a true passion for what you do and the customers you serve.

You may not know precisely what the future holds but you cannot sit idly by with a “wait and see” attitude. Take the time to read up on Artificial Intelligence (AI), machine learning and digital assistants. Survey customers about their changing information and media consumption habits. Buy new toys like Amazon’s new camera accessory, the Amazon Echo Look, to determine what opportunities and threats they might pose for your brand.

Innovation comes with risk and the possibility of failure. However, without risk taking, there are no opportunities for improvement. What defines The Everywhere Brand is an ability to evolve with new technologies and implement strategies that ultimately propel your brand into the future. The Everywhere Brand is not deterred by failures but rather is energised by and learns from them.

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