Key Traits of the Everywhere Brand: #5 Granular

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Brands that create and publish more specific and more granular data about their people, products and locations stand to attract more business from the digital universe than those who don’t. This lesson is also true from the world of SEO – the more content produced and optimised, the more traffic that is driven to a site. While SEO is based primarily on the unstructured data of your website, Digital Knowledge Management uses structured data, which is detailed and specific, to drive traffic and sales.

Search Engine Results Pages (SERPs) have evolved from ten blue links on a page to a combination of information cards, maps and structured data. Search engines crawl the web for the most relevant and accurate results to a searcher’s query. Structured data allows search engines to determine how relevant your brand is to a query.

As intelligent services evolve and expand, they are creating many more opportunities for brands to provide granular, structured data to satisfy user queries. Such services are happy to have this data. Why? Because they know consumers’ search behaviour will continue to change.

Think about how differently you search on your smartphone than you do on your desktop. Now, consider how differently you search when using your voice with Alexa, Cortana, Google or Siri. With voice search, you’re not seeking a page of results with 10 blue links; you’re seeking direct answers. And according to former Baidu Chief Scientist, Andrew Ng, by 2020, 50% of all searches will be voice searches — voice searches seeking an awful lot of granular information.

In order to become an Everywhere Brand, you should also provide granular data across social platforms, including Facebook location pages, Instagram location tags and Snapchat Geofilters. This granular location data will help boost your brand’s local engagement and drive additional business.  

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