Key Traits of the Everywhere Brand: #4 Real Time

As consumers, we’re increasingly reliant on our smartphones and we expect the information they deliver to be both accurate and timely.

In order to become an Everywhere Brand, you should aim to deliver real-time digital knowledge to your consumers at critical touch points. For example, if it’s “Free Cone Day” at Ben & Jerry’s, you’d probably want to know about it — especially if you’re within walking distance (#ChunkyMonkey). Everywhere Brands recognise that the smartphone and the rise of intelligent services create opportunities to capture consumer attention in high-intent moments along the path to purchase. In order to become an Everywhere Brand, you should be publishing digital knowledge in real time about your business to alert consumers to changes in hours, updates to products or if there is an emergency.

In January 2016, Winter Storm Jonas slammed the Eastern Seaboard of the United States. Seasonal fast-casual restaurant chain Sweetgreen was one of many businesses forced to close locations for the duration of the storm. Part of their response included using the Yext Knowledge Engine to update their hours of operation across Google, Facebook, Yelp and the entire digital universe. This made sure that Sweetgreen customers didn’t venture out into a blizzard only to find locked doors.

In order to become an Everywhere Brand, real-time needs to become a part of your Brand Manager DNA. You must understand that you now have a new responsibility to mobile customers when something unexpected happens that impacts your brand’s ability to serve its customers. Accordingly, you need a plan in place to make sure closures due to weather, illness and other emergencies are properly reflected across the digital universe — and updated again when you’re back open for business.  

Next week in Part 5, we’ll dig into the fifth trait of The Everywhere Brand: granularity. To read more about becoming The Everywhere Brand, download Yext’s full eBook, The Everywhere Brand: Embracing the Universe Beyond Your Website (and App).

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