Key Traits of the Everywhere Brand: #3 Organised

To become an Everywhere Brand, you must be organised and able to solve inaccurate data problems and points of friction throughout the path to purchase. As a marketer, you can solve these problems through a combination of people, process and technology.

Did you notice that technology comes last? That’s because technology is just a tool. It takes people and process to make sure that technology delivers a solution that will save time and help grow your  business.

The first step to becoming organised is to bring in the right people across all departments – Marketing, Operations, Product, Legal etc. – to determine the best sources of your brand’s digital knowledge. It is this collaboration between departments that creates the foundation for The Everywhere Brand.

The second step is to define a process to make sure that there is only a single source of truth for your company’s digital knowledge and that there are no duplicative sources. When all departments identify the sources of digital knowledge for the business, that knowledge can be updated across the universe of digital services.

After defining this process, the third step is to employ a digital knowledge management platform to power the source of truth and to manage your brand’s digital knowledge across the universe of digital services. Employing a platform allows your brand to control its digital presence everywhere.

Next up in Part 4, we’ll explore the fourth trait of The Everywhere Brand: real-time. To learn more, download the full eBook, The Everywhere Brand: Embracing the Universe Beyond Your Website (and App).

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