Key Traits of The Everywhere Brand: #2 Active

One common point of friction within the customer journey is finding incorrect facts about a company’s people, products and locations across the universe of apps, websites and intelligent services that consumers use on their path to purchase. Errors like these frustrate consumers and deter purchasing decisions.

When discovering a point of informational friction, brands who are active in their approach to becoming The Everywhere Brand actually do something to fix it and work to smooth the customer journey accordingly.

Without data management platforms, correcting errors across digital services takes a great deal of manual effort and time; every time your business’s online data changes, you must update it manually across the hundreds of intelligent services that provide information to searching consumers. Furthermore, there is no guarantee that the information submitted will be updated and, frequently, intelligent services solicit user suggestions that can override the information you provide about your business. For example, Google still prompts users to “Suggest an Edit” on business profiles and if you shake your smartphone while using Google Maps, you’ll be prompted to “Report a data issue.”

Yext can help your business remain active by allowing you to screen user suggestions from Google via our Publisher Suggestions feature, making sure that your business is only publishing accurate information.

It is also important for your brand’s digital knowledge to be up-to-date and consistent because new digital services are being created all the time. For example, we already have AI and self-driving cars, both of which depend on digital knowledge to provide consumers with answers, directions and more.

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