Today is an epic day for Yext. We are publicly listed on the NYSE.

We have an outstanding set of long-term investors who believe in our vision. We have the tailwind of a macrotrend — the digital world is becoming more intelligent.

Thank you to our customers. Your success is our success. You can continue to expect great products that serve you.

Thank you to our new investors. We take your confidence very seriously.

Thank you to the Yext family. You did this.

And, thank you to New York City. As the first software IPO here in a long time, we send a message to aspiring entrepreneurs around the globe: 

You can make it here.


The Yext Leadership Team:

Howard Lerman 10/1/2006

Brian Distelburger 10/1/2006

Bryan Rutcofsky 4/20/2007

Kevin Caffrey 1/7/2008

Alok Bhushan 8/14/08

Jessica Heimburger 11/3/2008

Sean MacIsaac 1/26/2009

Jesse Katz 6/1/2009

Rob Figueiredo 12/30/2009

Tom Dixon 1/29/2010

Daphne Earp 6/15/2010

Temy Mancusi-Ungaro 2/2/2011

Wendi Sturgis 8/12/2011

Max Shaw 8/27/2012

Liz Walton 10/17/2012

Christian Ward 4/15/2013

Steve Kannan 10/14/2013

Matt Bowman 5/1/2014

Jason Lafollette 5/1/2014

Cindy Wei 5/5/2014

Luis Baptista-Coelho 9/2/2014

Steve Cakebread 10/1/2014

Darryl Bond 1/12/2015

Jon Kennell 3/16/2015

Jeff Rohrs 6/29/2015

Lindsay McKenna 8/3/2015

Owen Fegan 8/24/2015

Lindsay Johnston 8/31/2015

Stephen Zangre 8/31/2015

Wesley Barrow 9/1/2015

Marc Ferrentino 10/1/2015

Jonathan Cherins 11/30/2015

Joe Marchese 5/2/2016

Skip Schipper 5/23/2016

Jon Buss 7/1/2016

Steve Houck 7/18/2016

Ho Shin 8/1/2016

Keith Hong 12/5/2016

Jake Hofwegan 12/7/2016

Michael Hartwig 1/1/2017

Dave Rudnitsky 1/9/2017

James Hart 1/16/2017

Jim Steele 1/17/2017

Franck Negro 2/1/2017

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