Insights from LocationWorld: #1 Location is the Next Big Thing

Dipanshu Sharma xAd yext

During LocationWorld 2016, Dipanshu “D” Sharma, founder and CEO of xAd, participated in the CEO Panel: The Future of Location alongside Nicholas Carlson, Editor-in-Chief of INSIDER, Howard Lerman, co-founder and CEO of Yext, and Jeff Glueck, CEO of Foursquare. Together, they explored their thoughts on the past, present and future of location data in business, culture, marketing and beyond.

“Where we are today in the world of location, feels like we’re in search in 2006.”

– Dipanshu “D” Sharma, Founder & CEO of xAd | @dipanshu

The world of location intelligence is young but it has already demonstrated its potential. Location has become foundational to how we interact with the digital world and how we learn about the world around us.

Sharma founded xAd in 2009 to lead the industry in mobile location. Today xAd is known as the first global location marketplace, serving 1.5 million advertisers worldwide. As leader and founder, D is closely involved with every aspect of the organisation’s daily operations, from product planning and market strategy to technology execution and sales development.

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