Cater to omnichannel shoppers during the holidays


Holiday spending this year is expected to reach record levels, increasing 10% since last year’s shopping season. As Black Friday approaches and mall carparks get a little more packed, make sure you think about what consumers see when they look at your business — both in and out of store.

A recent Google study found that 82% of shoppers consult their phones on purchases they’re about to make in a store. Your digital channels and physical locations are not in competition with each other. Smartphones are now an important part of the in-store experience.

This year, look for your customers to follow every possible path to purchase and make sure your information is accurate everywhere they will look. Here a few things to do to reach omnichannel shoppers this season.

Make your stores and eCommerce work together
By the time a shopper sets foot inside a store, nearly 80% report having engaged with that brand online. These interactions are often your best opportunity to engage shoppers who are looking for product information, reviews and store locators. Your eCommerce and store initiatives should work together to drive conversions regardless of where the purchase occurs.

Stay on trend
Last year, “Buy online, pick up in store” was a major trend. Continue to use this omnichannel approach to reach your online shoppers, especially since 23% of customers purchase additional items when picking up an online order.

Engage mobile customers in store
Consumers who use mobile devices while they shop in store convert at a 20% higher rate compared to those who don’t. In-store engagement can take many forms — an offer, a coupon, product information or something useful like a store map — as long as it delivers value to the customer.

Offer free Wi-Fi
Offer free (and fast) Wi-Fi to all visitors, put up easy-to-read signs with your Wi-Fi password and social media profiles and make sure your website is optimised for mobile.

With the majority of in-store shoppers constantly connected to their devices, it’s important to think through all the ways in which a consumer will purchase from you this season.

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