Talking sales and search at SIINDA

With about 3.8 million Google search queries per minute, consumers have grown to rely on search engines to provide them with the answers to life’s many questions – and nearly half of these searches are local in nature. It’s up to search, marketing and tech companies to help their customers discover the latest search updates in order to help them to succeed in the field.

SIINDA – the Search & Information Industry Association – hosted its LOCALREACH conference last week, bringing together innovative minds in search, information and telecommunication to discuss best practices and resources for educating customers about the industry.

Yext VP of Small and Medium Business Sales, Jesse Katz, took the stage to offer an unfiltered look into the direct sales division at Yext. He discussed how Yext drives leads through its marketing channels and location scan technology, as well as the organisation of the sales floor and how leads flow to the appropriate channels via a lead scoring mechanism.

Katz also touched upon how staff are trained to deliver the best quality search information to current and potential clients to help them make sure that their business information shows up at the top of the search results. Training lasts 2-3 months and trainers work full-time to on-board sales staff and educate them about Yext’s products, the local search ecosystem and selling best practices.

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