Top reasons to attend LocationWorld 2016

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LocationWorld is your ticket to becoming a mission-critical marketer. Location is driving the next big wave in mobile marketing and, by attending LocationWorld, you’ll catch the swell early. The knowledge and skills you’ll come away from LocationWorld with will help your entire organisation to extract new value from something you already have in abundance — location data. You’ll come back better prepared to help your manager harness the emerging techniques and technologies for tapping into location’s full potential.

We know it can sometimes be a challenge to justify a trip to your manager. Here are some ways to convince your boss that LocationWorld 2016 is worth your time:

Explain that the marketing landscape is changing quickly.

‘Near me’ searches on mobile are growing at 146% year on year. Smartphones are everywhere. The strength of network speeds, the drop in data plan costs and the need for social engagement all play into this fundamental change in consumer behaviour. Consumers are starting to value location data more and more and, as consumer behaviour shifts, your SEO strategy must shift to reach them. At LocationWorld, attendees will explore the changing local marketing landscape and discover the latest advancements in technology to help businesses drive traffic.

Highlight the value of networking with passionate marketing professionals.

Location-based marketing is taking off into uncharted territory and our attendees are enthusiastic about being early adopters of the industry’s next big phenomenon. We know nothing beats learning one-to-one, so LocationWorld will offer plenty opportunities for networking over lunch, cocktails and music. You’ll meet and greet leading experts and forge new relationships with brands, speakers and cutting edge solution providers!

Emphasise the importance of getting ahead of the trends.

Location has become the new standard in digital marketing. The past few months alone have seen a wave of innovative new applications for geolocation technology. Everything from branded Snapchat Geofilters to the unprecedented phenomenon of Pokémon Go prove that location data is no longer simply an administrative necessity — it’s the way forward when it comes to engaging consumers. LocationWorld attendees will hear from the professionals who are blazing the location-based marketing trail and will return to work prepared to take their teams to the forefront of mobile marketing.

Have we convinced you? Reserve your seat today. Still need help justifying your trip? We’ve prepared a letter template, in Word doc format, for you to fill out and submit to your manager.

We hope to see you there!

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