Location Scan App results show over 50% of business locations have errors in name, address, phone data

Yext recently launched the Location Scan App, a free tool designed to help marketers quickly demonstrate the value of clean location data to their clients on-the-go. The free Location Scan App is available to professional marketers everywhere (no Yext account necessary) and enables you to put our PowerListings® scan technology, which has been used more than 8,700,000 times, right in your pocket, so you can grow your business on the go.

Location Scan App - 3 Phones.png

In just a few weeks, we’ve had thousands of app downloads and scans conducted by marketers across the country. And the app scans so far are proving clearly how scattered and fragmented the local search ecosystem can be and why investing in location data management is so important for businesses of all sizes.

Location data is clearly a problem for businesses everywhere. Our data shows that for each location scanned, on average:

  • 59% had name errors
  • 53% had address errors
  • 53% had phone errors
  • 46% had missing listings

In today’s mobile-empowered world where a third of all mobile searches involve location, and 76% of those searches result in a business visit within a day, businesses can’t afford to have over half of their name, address and phone numbers be incorrect and almost half of all business locations were missing listings.

To show your clients this powerful data on the go, download the Location Scan App from the App Store today — or Google Play for Android versions 4.0.3 and higher — and start scanning away!



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