Yext announces exclusive partnership with goldenpages.be, Belgium’s largest digital media company


Today Yext announced its exclusive partnership with goldenpages.be, Belgium’s largest digital media company, giving them sole rights to leverage Yext’s location management technology for small businesses in Belgium. Supported by Yext’s PowerListings Network, the world’s largest global listings network, goldenpages.be will be able to help its customers manage and update their location data easily on listing sites across the web in real time in order to engage local Belgian consumers, improve brand awareness and drive more sales.

goldenpages.be is a versatile digital marketing agency focused on helping Belgian companies grow their businesses through a wide set of marketing and communications solutions, which can be customised and tailored to each business’s specific needs. goldenpages.be also offers complementary directory services (mobile, online, print and telephone) to help potential customers find businesses they are searching for in their local region quickly and easily.

Through the exclusive partnership with Yext, goldenpages.be will be able to offer the Belgian SMEs  using its solution with a much more comprehensive platform for their location data through the global PowerListings Network, which includes 100+ maps, apps, search engines and directories such as Google, Apple and Facebook. By leveraging Yext’s real-time updating capabilities, goldenpages.be’s customers can make sure that they always have accurate, complete and consistent business information everywhere customers are searching in order to drive more foot traffic through their stores’ front doors.

“With this exclusive partnership with goldenpages.be, Yext continues to strengthen its international presence and solidify its status as the market leader in location data management for businesses worldwide,” said Howard Lerman. “We’re proud to be able to offer our product to Belgian businesses through goldenpages.be, and help them harness the power of location to reach their local customers and drive more foot traffic.”

“We’re very excited to launch this partnership with Yext and help our customers improve their store location information to engage more consumers and build their businesses,” said goldenpages.be Marketing Director Wim Vermeulen . “As Belgians are increasingly searching for business information online, sites, maps and apps like Google and Facebook, as well as navigation tools such as Garmin, are obviously a huge source of search traffic for our customers. That’s why we’re thrilled to be able to offer them real-time, automated updates across the country’s most popular online platforms including a local player like openingsuren.be.”

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