Yext 2015 Comparative Listing Study

In the days of the Yellow Pages, a business needed three pieces of information to get found: name, address and phone. With a range of search tools at their disposal, the issue for today’s consumers isn’t finding what they need, it’s making a decision about which business to choose.

To be successful, businesses need to stand out and engage consumers.

Digital business listings across maps, apps, social networks, search engines and directories become substantially more effective when businesses move beyond name, address and phone to create complete listings with information such as photos and descriptions.

To demonstrate the power of complete listings, Yext conducted a three-month study of 31,000 businesses using PowerListings® Analytics to measure how the completeness of a listing affected the following metrics:

  • Impressions: how often a business listing was displayed to a user in search results
  • Listing views:  how often a user has viewed a business listing
  • Special offer clicks: how often a user clicked a special offer within a business listing
  • Yelp page views: how often a user viewed a Yelp business listing

The results were definitive: engagement across all four metrics improved significantly based on how many listing fields were complete. A fully complete listing received more than four times as many listing views than a listing with just name, address and phone. By adding a few simple pieces of information to their listings, businesses can paint a fuller, more compelling picture for consumers. Business owners and marketers can accomplish this for very little effort or cost.

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