The three cornerstones to a mobile local landing page

Mobile smartphone usage is exploding and that means unprecedented opportunities for marketers to personalise marketing messages based on where customers are located. But mobile offers a different experience than desktop, so marketers need to understand the nuances to create the most effective campaigns — and the key is mobile local landing pages.

Download this new paper from Yext to discover the three cornerstones to a successful mobile local landing page and get started on driving your customers into your locations.

User Flow MLLP

In this report, you will learn best practices for:

  • Getting the user’s location

  • Customising the user’s experience

  • Driving the user to perform an action

Mobile local landing pages maximise the value of the paid media you’re already using, provide customers with the info they want and inspire them to visit you in person. With optimised mobile local landing pages you can adjust what customers see based on where they are and give them the info they need to chose your business.

You can download the full paper here.


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