Yext launches Duplicate Suppression

Yext has today launched Duplicate Suppression, a revolutionary new PowerListings® feature that enables marketers to easily suppress duplicate local business listings on 45 leading local search apps.  For the first time ever, marketers can see automatically suggested duplicate listings instantly and instruct a publisher directly to redirect or suppress it.

“Yext Duplicate Suppression is a revolutionary new capability for the entire local search ecosystem – for marketers, publishers and end users” said Howard Lerman, Yext’s CEO.  “Today’s innovation represents a quantum leap forward towards Yext’s mission to get perfect location information in every hand.”

Duplicates are annoying, time consuming and nearly impossible to fix. You can’t fix them in the data or in the aggregators, only at the publisher level. So trying to fix them is a bit like playing Whack-a-Mole. They are something our industry has had to endure without a scalable, effective solution. Until now.

Duplicate Suppression 1

With this pioneering feature, marketers everywhere will have access to:

  • Automatic Duplicate Detection – Upon your command, activate proprietary technology that identifies the listings to suppress automatically from the listings to optimise.

  • Unlimited Suppression – Suppress all the duplicate listings for all your locations. Because we believe complete should mean complete.

  • Publisher-Level Suppression – There are many ways duplicate listings get created, but only one way to solve it before reaching customers, and that’s at the publishers themselves. We work directly with 45 publishers to make sure your duplicates are suppressed correctly and effectively.

  • Suppression Status and Verification – Suppressing duplicates requires an ongoing signal to the publisher. Our proprietary API connections let us constantly share this info and notifies you with the status of your duplicates.

  • Duplicate Redirects – Redirect traffic from your duplicate listings to a root listing, preserving your hard-earned SEO and listing traffic.

At Yext we work with more than 2,000 leading professional marketers who have told us that the ability to suppress duplicates would save them countless hours and make their jobs easier, so we are excited to bring them this breakthrough technology today.

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