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10 Dec, 2019 The Power of the New Marketing Buzzword: Intent Marketing 4 Dec, 2019 Shoppers Move Away from Traditional High Street to Local, Trendier Alternatives... 29 Nov, 2019 Shoppers Move Away from Traditional High Streets to Local, Trendier Alternatives 29 Nov, 2019 Retailers Urged to be "Answers-Ready" Online Amid Rise in High Street Internet Searches 28 Nov, 2019 Shoppers Moving to Local, Trendier Alternatives to High Streets 31 Oct, 2019 Can Western Businesses Conquer China? 30 Oct, 2019 Yext Launches AI-Search Product for Brand Websites 29 Oct, 2019 ‘Yext Answers’ Launched to Help Brands Take Back Their Truth; Brings AI-Based Search to Business Websites 29 Oct, 2019 Yext Launches Yext Answers to Help Brands Take Control of the Search Process 28 Oct, 2019 Reputation in a Noisy World of Endless Choice 22 Oct, 2019 Reputation in an Ever-Growing Online Marketplace 2 Oct, 2019 Yext and Trustpilot Streamline Review Management with New Integration 1 Oct, 2019 Why App Marketers Are Chasing More Stars 30 Sep, 2019 Over 35% of UK Consumers Find Online Search Information to "Often" be Inaccurate 30 Sep, 2019 Consumers Expect More From Search Results 27 Sep, 2019 Most Consumers Don't Trust Search Results 27 Sep, 2019 Most Brits Start Online Journey With Search (But Many Don't Trust Results) 25 Sep, 2019 A Day in the Life of Charli Rogers, VP International Client Services at Yext 1 Jan, 1970 Business Faces a Paradigm Shift in Search 15 Jul, 2019 Serving The Hungry Searcher in a Mobile-First World 7 Jun, 2019 Yext Offers 'Brand Verified Answers' in Search Listings 2 Jul, 2019 Tech Talks Podcast with Wendi Sturgis 5 Sep, 2019 SalesTech Star Interview With Nico Beukes, RVP Northern Europe At Yext 5 Aug, 2019 Business Faces a Paradigm Shift in Search 10 Jul, 2019 The Hungry Searcher 16 May, 2019 51% Customers Search Restaurants by Food Type on Mobile Reports Yext 17 May, 2019 The Best Digital Marketing Stats We've Seen This Week 16 May, 2019 MarTech Interview with Charli Rogers, VP of International Client Services, Yext 10 May, 2019 Will music streaming bring about the next generation of voice tech? 6 Mar, 2019 The Battle of Experience: How to Win on Today’s High Street 5 Mar, 2019 How to market to Chinese tourists: the 30,000-foot view 4 Mar, 2019 Speaking Up 3 Jan, 2019 Home page traffic will no longer be the measure of your digital success 10 Dec, 2018 TechBytes with Jon Buss, Managing Director, Yext 6 Dec, 2018 MAX Burgers investment in Yext, demonstrates impressive numbers 14 Nov, 2018 Geolocation – how location tech can transform retail 3 Aug, 2018 The best digital marketing stats we’ve seen this week 3 Aug, 2018 Pubs see ‘320% increase in online engagement’ during World Cup 2 Aug, 2018 The England Effect: 320% boom in pub engagement for final World Cup rounds 2 Aug, 2018 UK pubs BOOMING: World Cup and heatwave have been ‘EXTRAORDINARY’ boosts to pub’s economy 26 Jul, 2018 Yext hands businesses full control over their data with Amazon Alexa partnership 21 May, 2018 TripAdvisor boosts local info accuracy with Yext partnership 17 May, 2018 TripAdvisor joins the Yext PowerListings network 5 Mar, 2018 Digital Knowledge Management Helping Brands Remain Visible: Q&A with Yext 5 Jul, 2018 Don’t lose your head; surviving supply shortages 4 Jul, 2018 What does Amazon’s ‘Alexa For Hospitality’ mean for marketers? 4 Jan, 2018 Amazon is trialling third-party ads 18 Dec, 2017 The Intelligent Transformation: How to Navigate the Impact of Voice Search 22 Nov, 2017 How to engage online retail shoppers, wherever they discover your brand 13 Nov, 2018 Winning Christmas Isn’t All About Creativity, Says Yext MD Jon Buss 12 Oct, 2017 YEXT FOR FOOD AIMS TO PUT MENUS ON THE MAP 31 Aug, 2017 How Digital Knowledge Management Will Help Banks Improve Reputation And Customer Centricity 17 Aug, 2017 How Can Brands Benefit From the Rise of Social Search? 7 Aug, 2017 The Rise of Social Search 25 Jul, 2017 How discovery differs from search – and offers opportunities for brands 11 Jul, 2017 Joules provides consistent brand experience with Yext 3 Jul, 2017 The biggest firm you've never heard of: Meet Yext's Howard Lerman 28 Jun, 2017 Crabtree & Evelyn experience boss Lee Woodard on overhauling online 13 Jun, 2017 How Advances in Search are Forcing Brands to Rethink Digital 12 Jun, 2017 Consumer reviews - the powerful weapon driving customer acquisition 19 May, 2017 How Advances in Search are Forcing Marketers to Rethink Digital Strategy 10 May, 2017 Intelligent Search Drives More Customers to Your Business Than Your Website 7 Mar, 2017 Tesco 'future proofs' online brand presence with Yext link-up 6 Mar, 2017 Tesco Ploughs Investment Into Online Search Tech 12 Dec, 2016 Two-thirds of big business listings contain inaccurate information 9 Dec, 2016 The new age of search is local: four location trends you need to know about 8 Dec, 2016 Infographic: 65 per cent of Large UK Businesses Incorrectly List Location 6 Dec, 2016 Outdated and incorrect business data misleads UK consumers 21 Nov, 2016 Businesses are adapting to voice search in an AI-first world 16 Nov, 2016 Christmas Sales: How Location-Based Marketing Delivers Better Customer Experience 10 Nov, 2016 The Rise of Local Search & Why Cart Abandonment May Not be a Problem 4 Nov, 2016 Why your search results are the 'face' of your brand 3 Nov, 2016 Yext launches location cloud platform 1 Nov, 2016 Spotlight: Yext 24 Oct, 2016 Yext maps location world of opportunities 19 Oct, 2016 Location, Location, Location Data Management, Yext Aims To Make The Internet 'Less Static' 13 Oct, 2016 Crain's Fast 50 10 Oct, 2016 Yext Wins #10 on Fortune's 100 Best Medium Workplaces 5 Oct, 2016 Yext Creates a New Content Marketing Opportunity With Uber 5 Oct, 2016 New service brings online and stores together with branded Uber car rides at the touch of a button 3 Oct, 2016 Yext literally helps drive customers to stores with ‘Ride with Uber’ integration 2 Oct, 2016 Linda meets the team at Yext, global leaders in location data management 30 Sep, 2016 Uber Ties Up with Yext to Take Customers from Web to Store 30 Sep, 2016 Uber Can Now Be Added To Email Marketing Campaigns 29 Sep, 2016 Now Customers Can Hail an Uber From Your Website 29 Sep, 2016 Uber’s new partnership will help your driver show up at exactly the right spot 29 Sep, 2016 Retailers Can Now Request That Uber Drop Off Customers Right in Front of Their Stores 29 Sep, 2016 Here's How Uber Will Work With Even More Businesses 28 Sep, 2016 Making the Most of Mobile to Maximise your Christmas Potential 6 Sep, 2016 How retailers can boost footfall with location data 31 Aug, 2016 Location data company Yext uses Soho HQ as springboard into Northern Europe 14 Jul, 2016 Snapchat geofilter campaigns may get a boost from Yext 28 Jun, 2016 100 Best Workplaces for Millennials 10 Mar, 2016 Yext sees $88.8 million revenue, 48% growth for location data 17 Feb, 2016 Deal With Google Helps Yext Extend Location Management Service 16 Feb, 2016 Google My Business API Allows Enterprises To Make Real-Time Location Data Changes 8 Oct, 2015 Silicon Alley Top 100 6 Aug, 2015 Yext puts geo-marketing on the map 15 May, 2015 Howard Lerman, Co-Founder of Online Data Service Yext 6 Mar, 2015 CEOs of 3 Leading Companies Share How to Take a Startup to the Next Level 17 Dec, 2014 Next for Yext? Digital Presence Service Buys Dutch Startup InnerBalloons 31 Jul, 2014 The Three Biggest Winners In Local Search Innovation 4 Jun, 2014 Local Marketing Company Yext Raises $50 Million More 4 Jun, 2014 Yext Raises $50 Million to Build Local-Business Directory 4 Jun, 2014 The Yext Mission 3 Dec, 2013 Newly Internationalized Yext Launches “Pages” To Help Businesses Sync Their Website Data 27 Nov, 2013 Yext's Winding Seven-Year Journey Began With Al Sharpton...In Spandex 2 May, 2013 Yext Launches Sync, An Easy Way For Local Businesses To Update Their Many Facebook Pages 6 Mar, 2013 Don’t let ‘em eat your lunch : Bloomberg’s best advice 4 Apr, 2012 A Digital Version of the Yellow Pages 13 Feb, 2012 What Kind of Crazy Person Decides a $20M Business Isn’t Good Enough?