About us

Yext is building the future of search.

The world of search has seen a massive paradigm shift. People don’t just type in disparate keywords; they ask very specific questions. And they expect — and depend on — accurate answers to help them make important decisions in their lives. However, they are increasingly delivered misinformation, making it harder for people to know if they can really trust the answers they are getting online. 


Brands used to be considered a source of truth online, but it’s become increasingly difficult for them to stand out and deliver their own answers. That’s where Yext comes in. With a mission to provide perfect answers everywhere customers search, Yext’s Search Experience Cloud puts businesses in control of their facts online. By providing brand-verified answers on their own websites — then across search engines, maps, apps, voice assistants and chatbots — Yext helps brands take back control of the customer journey.


Our founding principle is that the ultimate authority on a business should be the business itself. With Yext, brands can regain — and maintain — a direct relationship with their customers. Every day, customers are asking questions about your brand. Are you answers-ready?

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